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                           Welcome to B.C.W.
We sell educational information on stave shell drum building. Education is important in whatever you choose to do in life.

                   B.C.W. has the best in educational information on the internet for stave shell drum building. Be sure to check out our Youtube Videos for more information on our product.

                  Learning to be a good stave shell maker will take some time and work. You might be looking for a great hobby to get into or to build to sell your own product.

                 Our educational information will take you in the right direction for shell building. The knowledge you will learn from our E-book will greatly help you with stave shell building.

                  We have been selling our E-book  on the internet since 2009. We have been building drum shells since 1997 and have a lot of happy customers.

                   You can start learning more knowledge about stave shell building today. The information we are selling is hard to find on the internet so why waste time searching when all the info you will need to build is available on this site.



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 Book For Drum Building

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 Stave Shell Drum Building Tips

 By Bud Brownell

Drum Building Book 


$34.95 USD
This is a downloadable Ebook
Gain instant access to this information

           This is a seventy five page E-book on stave shell drum building.
            Learn how to build stave shell drums get your copy today. 
            Check out the great
promotional video below.

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