Stave Shell



           A quality shell makes a high quality stave shell snare drum. Over the years we have perfected our stave style drum shells. From shell thickness to cutting bearing edges and materials used, each step creates a unique sounding drum. We have learned to create a very high quality musical sounding drum shell.

          Our solid wood shells are constructed using thirty pieces of solid wood. We create a tongue and groove joint for the pieces. The tongue and groove joint  adds to the visual aspect of the shell as well as the sound and quality. This makes an excellent drum shell which is like a one piece shell.

          We lathe the shells inside and out to the proper size for the drum we are creating. 1/2" is the most common thickness we use giving great tone, projection, and sound quality.

        Our finish is either high gloss or satin. Our high gloss finish is buffed to produce a beautiful  finish. We use a variety of stain colours to add colour and beauty to the finished drum.


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